Bankruptcy Can Help You 



  • Typically a quick process (around 4 months from filing to discharge.)

  • Wipes out most unsecured debts like credit cards and medical debts.

  • Can stop debt lawsuits, collections, garnishments, evictions and repossessions.

  • Can help you get back previously garnished or levied funds under some circumstances.

  • Can wipe out some past due income taxes.

  • Most people keep all their assets when they file Chapter 7.

  • Can help you rebuild your credit by wiping out your debts and turning you into a “debt free” person.


  • In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you work out a payment plan with your creditors.

  • The plan is based on your ability to pay (among other factors).

  • Allows you to avoid or stop debt lawsuits and credit card interest. 

  • Allows you to avoid foreclosure or car repossession while catching up on payments.

  • You can make manageable payments on tax debts and student loans.

  • Some people are eligible to “stretch out” secured debt payments (like car payments) over a longer period of time, making these payments more affordable. 

  • At the end of your payment period, many “leftover” unsecured debts are eliminated.


  • If you have been sued by a debt buyer or creditor, we can help.

  • Bankruptcy stops debt lawsuits. But, if bankruptcy is not the right approach for you, we can defend you in the lawsuit.

  • You might have defenses to the lawsuit or counterclaims against the Plaintiff.

  • If you ignore the lawsuit, the plaintiff is likely to get a judgment against you.

  • Once the creditor has a judgment, it can garnish your wages, levy your bank accounts, and file liens on your assets.

  • We can prevent this from happening.

  • We can also stop an ongoing garnishment or levy. You might be able to get back some or all of the funds already taken from you. But, you must act very quickly. Call us immediately if you have been notified of a pending lawsuit, garnishment, lien, or levy.


Karen Ware has been helping people with credit and debt problems since 2006. 

While bankruptcy can wipe out your debts, it can also be a valuable tool for improving your life. We are focused on this aspect of bankruptcy– using its protections to help you achieve your financial goals.

We enjoy getting to know you and learning about your life. This helps us find the right bankruptcy strategy for you.

Some bankruptcy practices emphasize volume and filing cases as quickly as possible. We take the time to find the best approach for you.

Of course, if you want to file immediately, we can do that too. We offer same-day appointments and emergency filing services.

We appreciate your visiting our site, and hope you find some helpful information about the benefits and protections of filing bankruptcy. We also offer a free initial consultation. Give us a call to find out how we can help. We look forward to talking with you.



"The process was a lot smoother than I expected. I called Karen on a Monday, met with her Tuesday, and my case was filed Thursday. I feel so relieved."





Did you know you can use bankruptcy as a tool to reach your financial goals?


Filing bankruptcy can help you:

  • Save money for a home,

  • Save for retirement,

  • Save for your children's education,

  • Protect the assets you already have, and even

  • Improve your credit